Freight News: 78% DPW infrastructure surcharge increase, RFNSW meets with Bill Shorten and Jason Clare and free rego for NSW light vehicles

Last week we emailed members about an increase to DPW infrastructure surcharges for 2018. This increase comes six months after its first and last rise, which at the time signaled to industry that new charges were coming. Soon after Patrick’s put in place its own surcharge, and these have proliferated within the industry and mark a new form of revenue raising.

In January this year, we had no surcharges. There were no costs per container and this wasn’t being contemplated by industry. Fast forward to November and not only do we have surcharges, but we’re witnessing the next round of increases at the DPW facility.

RFNSW supports justifiable increases if these are evidence-based. To date we don’t have any of that detail and the rationale for increases such as rent and electricity seem generic and provide not a fig leaf of respectability for these increases or claims.

Read the Tuesday 21 November issue here.