Freight News: NHVR and RFNSW meet with Vellex

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with the NHVR and Vellex to allow the NHVR to get a deeper understanding of its operations.

Austin was open to his business needs and spoke on matters pertaining to the National Heavy Vehicle law.

Austin then gave Tim from the NHVR a tour of his facilities, highlighting his safety and compliance mechanisms and introducing Tim to his senior management. Vellex is a standard bearer for safe operation and Austin drills this into his staff at every opportunity by way of company culture.

RFNSW is keen to facilitate meetings with our members and the NHVR. We want to give members the chance to raise any concerns, or even meet an operator to get an idea of their processes.

Tim and I shared a journey together to and from Vellex and agreed to work closely in engaging RFNSW’s members into 2018.

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