Freight News: Road Freight NSW To Operate As Independent Body

Breaking: RFNSW will become independent from the ATA on 1 January 2018 

Road Freight NSW––the peak industry organisation representing trucking operators in NSW––will become an independent organisation from 1 January 2018 to better serve its NSW membership base.

The organisation––currently a subsidiary of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA)–– delivers a range of services and benefits to members, including advice on workplace relations, legal counsel and engagement, discounted off the pump and bulk fuel through BP, and representation on industry issues, interests and concerns to state and federal governments.

It began as ATA NSW in 2007 and is recognised as a respected advocate for trucking operators, and a conduit to government, regulators and enforcement agencies.

Road Freight NSW took on its current name in 2015. It will now work independently to campaign on policies affecting the NSW transport sector, primarily heavy vehicle safety, the regulatory regimes stifling business growth and the unwarranted surcharges, like stevedores’ port taxes, being imposed on carriers.

Road Freight NSW Chairman Jon Luff says that while the organisation is committed to policy development nationally, there is a need for an independent body in NSW to allow strong advocacy at a state level.