Media Release: RFNSW partners with rt Health for 2018

RFNSW’s New Sponsorship with rt health.

RFNSW says a new partnership with leading industry health fund, rt health, will see its members receive savings and other benefits on their health insurance cover.

rt health is a restricted membership fund providing health, life and travel insurance cover specifically for transport and energy industry employees and their families.

The General Manager of RFNSW, Simon O’Hara, welcomed the new partnership with rt health.

Mr O’Hara said RFNSW members will be given immediate access to rt health’s range of insurance products and services including:

  • A waiver of the two and three-month ancillary waiting periods;
  • A $100 promotional welcome gift;
  • Access to a member services page on the rt health website.

“We’re pleased to be working with a mutual, not-for-profit fund like rt health,” Mr O’Hara said today.

“From our perspective it’s a natural fit given that rt health specifically provides insurance cover for workers in the transport industry – where our members work.

“As we know, health and life insurance cover can be a huge impost on the average family budget. That’s why we’re looking forward to our partnership with rt health assisting our members and their families alleviate some of their cost-of living pressures, by offering better benefits and greater value on their insurance policies.”

Simone Tregeagle rt health’s CEO said: “rt health has been looking after the health and wellbeing of people in the transport industry for nearly 130 years and are delighted to be partnering with RFNSW to continue to deliver great value health insurance to members of NSW’s transport industry into the future.”

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Freight News Xmas Edition: Harro’s Farewell, RFNSW meets Albanese and Don’t Forget to Renew your Membership!

RFNSW Member Invoices being sent out

Please keep an eye out for the membership invoices arriving in your email over the coming week from RFNSW.

As you know from 1 January 2018, RFNSW will be independent from the ATA. We will continue to be your representative organisation in NSW that is your voice with RMS, politicians and the NHVR and many others.

This year we have seen significant improvements on:

  • BP fuel offer to RFNSW members that saves you real cash
  • political and media engagement, and
  • membership benefits.

Renew now!

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Freight News: Tributes flow in from the NHVR, QTA and many members for Paul ‘Harro’ Harrison

Last Friday Paul ‘Harro’ Harrison passed away at Newcastle Private.

An icon and legend within the industry and a long-term member of Road Freight NSW.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and many friends.

As Tony McGrath said poignantly:

“Everybody knew him and everybody loved him.”

Harro was a recipient of the Don Watson award in 2015 and the Australian industry acknowledges his passing and life-long contribution to it.

Funeral arrangements are:

When: 10.30am, Saturday 16 December

Where: St Kevin’s Catholic Church, Main Road, Cardiff

RFNSW will be sending a delegation in recognition of his lifelong service to the industry and we hope to see you there to celebrate Harro’s life and achievements.

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Freight News: NHVR and RFNSW meet with Vellex

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with the NHVR and Vellex to allow the NHVR to get a deeper understanding of its operations.

Austin was open to his business needs and spoke on matters pertaining to the National Heavy Vehicle law.

Austin then gave Tim from the NHVR a tour of his facilities, highlighting his safety and compliance mechanisms and introducing Tim to his senior management. Vellex is a standard bearer for safe operation and Austin drills this into his staff at every opportunity by way of company culture.

RFNSW is keen to facilitate meetings with our members and the NHVR. We want to give members the chance to raise any concerns, or even meet an operator to get an idea of their processes.

Tim and I shared a journey together to and from Vellex and agreed to work closely in engaging RFNSW’s members into 2018.

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Freight News: RFNSW engages The Hon Guy Zangari, The Hon Michael Daley and The Hon Ron Hoenig on Infrastructure Surcharges

Recently, I had the opportunity of meeting with The Hon Guy Zangari, Shadow Police Minister around matters affecting our members and his electorate of Fairfield. His electorate covers a number of truck depots and freight businesses. As the shadow Police Minister it was also essential to let him know about some of the concerns our members face on the roads day-to-day.

I also had the opportunity to let Guy know about DPW’s recent infrastructure fee increase at the Port. Guy was open to engagement from RFNSW and our members in and around the Port, and also on other matters closer to his portfolio.

Fortunately, we were also able to touch base with other senior members of the Opposition, including The Hon Michael Daley and the Hon Ron Hoenig to discuss what is happening at the Port. We also raised the troubling increase of infrastructure surcharge fees—that seems to come with little real justification—with both Mr Daley and Mr Hoenig.

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Freight News: 78% DPW infrastructure surcharge increase, RFNSW meets with Bill Shorten and Jason Clare and free rego for NSW light vehicles

Last week we emailed members about an increase to DPW infrastructure surcharges for 2018. This increase comes six months after its first and last rise, which at the time signaled to industry that new charges were coming. Soon after Patrick’s put in place its own surcharge, and these have proliferated within the industry and mark a new form of revenue raising.

In January this year, we had no surcharges. There were no costs per container and this wasn’t being contemplated by industry. Fast forward to November and not only do we have surcharges, but we’re witnessing the next round of increases at the DPW facility.

RFNSW supports justifiable increases if these are evidence-based. To date we don’t have any of that detail and the rationale for increases such as rent and electricity seem generic and provide not a fig leaf of respectability for these increases or claims.

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Media release: RFNSW slams DP World over second port tax hike


A ‘kick in the guts for truckies’

Peak body Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) has slammed DP World Australia (DPWA) over plans to hit truck operators with another increase to the existing infrastructure levy at the Port Botany terminal – the second big price rise forced on carriers in less than a year.

From 1 January 2018, DPWA will introduce a surcharge of $37.65 per container received or delivered at the terminal. This is an increase of $16.49 on the earlier infrastructure tax of $21.16 DPWA imposed on truckies in April this year.

RFNSW General Manager Simon O’Hara described the latest price hike as outrageous.

“Our members are stunned, they’ve effectively been hit with two big price increases at the port in less than a year,” Mr O’Hara said today.

“Once again, the latest price gouge has been cynically blamed on so-called ‘increased costs’ at the port, but the ACCC has already acknowledged that extra taxes could earn DPWA and Patrick a combined revenue of $70 million, equivalent to a 5 to 6 per cent increase in unit revenues.

“The ACCC also noted that ‘unit costs for both stevedores remain stable’, so from our perspective there is simply no justification for yet another price hike – it’s nothing but a greedy cash grab from DPWA.

“It’s a kick in the guts for our RFNSW members who are still reeling from the first round of unscrupulous surcharges forced on them by the stevedores.

“We’re now concerned that truckies’ operational costs will continue to rise and be passed on through the supply chain and eventually on to consumers.

“What’s worse is that the other stevedores will undoubtedly follow DPWA down the slippery slope and impose their increases on port charges. Where will it end?

“We’ve welcomed the ACCC’s statement that the infrastructure taxes raise a number of issues for the port supply chain and we are again urging the ACCC to step-in and stop the stevedores from using their market power to force these ever-increasing charges on to truckies.” 

Freight News: RFNSW meets the Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Westconnex

RFNSW meets the Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Westconnex

The RFNSW Board met with the NSW Premier, Treasurer and cabinet members last week to discuss key issues including:

  • safety on the road
  • infrastructure surcharges
  • truck use of NorthConnex
  • joint campaigns
  • toll costs on transport and their impact on the bottom line.

We put a number of key points to these leaders and highlighted members’ concerns.

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Freight News: RFNSW Welcomes ACCC Examination of New Port Taxes


Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) has welcomed the ACCC’s acknowledgment that infrastructure taxes imposed by DP World and Patrick “raise a number of issues for the port supply chain”, leaving transport carriers with higher operating charges and the inability to switch to other stevedores.

In its 2016–17 Container Stevedore Monitoring Report released yesterday, the ACCC said the taxes “could earn DP World and Patrick a combined $70 million in revenues, which would be equivalent to a 5 to 6 per cent increase in unit revenues”.

According to the ACCC, “it is concerning that truck and rail operators face these higher charges but are limited in their ability to take their business elsewhere”. 

The stevedores announced the new taxes earlier this year without consulting RFNSW or other industry groups. Charges were justified by claiming that increases in rent, land tax and rates were a ‘cost burden’ that could no longer be absorbed and that the increased surcharges would be used to fund new infrastructure.

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Freight News: Members Win Big in RFNSW/BP Fuel Deal

New agreement provides major fuel discounts for truck operators

Peak body Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) is pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement with BP Australia Pty. Ltd. (BP) which will provide RFNSW members with significant fuel discounts.

Announcing the agreement in Sydney, the General Manager of RFNSW, Simon O’Hara, said the relationship with BP will deliver a range of benefits to its members, including:

  • Access to an extensive network of truck stops and key diesel sites strategically located throughout major transport routes in Australia.
  • Improved discounts on BP Plus card for BP Diesel and ULP products.
  • During the month of November 2017, the new arrangement will include a BP Plus Card offer to new RFNSW members whereby additional discounts will apply for the first 7 months trading as well as no transaction fees for 12 months.*
  • Support to RFNSW through industry events, seminars and awards.

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