30 June 2017 

Peak body Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) has expressed concerns that truck operators have been given only two days to review and renew an agreement allowing them to access the DP World Australia terminal at Port Botany.

According to RFNSW, DP World Australia sent carriers a copy of the National Carrier Access Agreement on Wednesday 28 June – just days before the commencement date of 1 July.

RFNSW General Manager Simon O’Hara said today “previously, our members have had 30 days or even 14 days to renew their agreement, but this year it’s a matter of only days.

“Frankly, this timeframe is unreasonable and unfair to our members, who spend most of their time on the road.

“This is a legal agreement which our members need to carefully consider and if necessary, seek appropriate legal advice on, to ensure their ongoing access to the terminal is commercially fair and balanced and not disadvantaging them in any way.

“This simply cannot be done in a matter of days which is what our members are being asked to do.

“You wouldn’t expect people to sign a mortgage document, or a business contract or stevedores to sign with shipping lines on matters that could impact their livelihood, in just a few days. It shouldn’t be any different for our members being asked to sign their National Carrier Access Agreement,’ Mr O’Hara said.

In a message to carriers, DP World Australia states that “it is critical that the renewal is completed as soon as possible to ensure continued access to slot-booking facilities” at their terminals.

Mr O’Hara added “the real question is what happens to carriers if they cannot return a signed agreement in the timeframe. Will they be stopped from operating? What effect will this have on the NSW economy?”

Mr O’Hara has written to DP World Australia, on behalf of RFNSW members, asking that appropriate time made be available for carriers to have an opportunity to properly review these important agreements.

Additionally, he has sought clarification on why DP World Australia had not emailed out the agreements earlier, in line with previous years custom and practice.

RFNSW media contact: 0411 254 390