Freight News: RFNSW engages The Hon Guy Zangari, The Hon Michael Daley and The Hon Ron Hoenig on Infrastructure Surcharges

Recently, I had the opportunity of meeting with The Hon Guy Zangari, Shadow Police Minister around matters affecting our members and his electorate of Fairfield. His electorate covers a number of truck depots and freight businesses. As the shadow Police Minister it was also essential to let him know about some of the concerns our members face on the roads day-to-day.

I also had the opportunity to let Guy know about DPW’s recent infrastructure fee increase at the Port. Guy was open to engagement from RFNSW and our members in and around the Port, and also on other matters closer to his portfolio.

Fortunately, we were also able to touch base with other senior members of the Opposition, including The Hon Michael Daley and the Hon Ron Hoenig to discuss what is happening at the Port. We also raised the troubling increase of infrastructure surcharge fees—that seems to come with little real justification—with both Mr Daley and Mr Hoenig.

Read the Wednesday 29 November issue here.