RFNSW Freight News 26 June 2017-Patrick’s stevedore infrastructure charge

Patrick’s stevedore infrastructure charge, NSW Ports, Trucking Australia 2017, Volvo ATA Safety Truck

Patrick’s stevedore infrastructure charge

Last week Patrick’s accepted an invitation to meet with RFNSW and our operators to discuss their increase at NSW Ports.

We welcome Patrick’s desire to meet for discussions this week, however, the proof will be in the pudding.

DP World Australia said that they wanted to meet but seemed to think meetings with road operators about increased costs was a flexible invitation that didn’t require a base level of engagement or consultation.

We would also welcome a meeting with government and the relevant departments to discuss the 60 days notice they receive in relation to notice of increases.

Good government requires engagement with small business and operators, particularly when costs go up with little explanation.

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