Road Freight NSW Submission to Future Transport 2056 Consultation

27th April 2018

Dear Members

Our submission to the Future Transport 2056 consultation can be found here.

It is a short submission that gets straight to the point. Please take the time to have a read and tell me if you have any additional comments that you would like to make to the Minister or senior TfNSW public servants next time we met.

As you would understand we have actively included ourselves in the 2056 Future transport roundtable discussions with the Minister and others.

Please see our 7 key recommendations to the Future Transport 2056 Consultation. Our members, particularly have spoken, and said that we need some changes now, not in 2030, or 2040 or 2056.

Recommendation 1

NSW future transport 2056 needs to increase access for higher productivity vehicles and also set examine in conjunction with the NHVR arguments for marginal higher permissible container weights for use on our roads to ensure growth, jobs higher living standards, and to minimise increases in congestion on our roads and to ensure that our members gets the greatest returns for using toll roads or publicly owned roads.

Recommendation 2

In relation to productivity, we believe that our toll roads and their use can better nuanced for the purposes of productivity. Road Freight NSW supports the European and Oregon approach of peak hour/nonpeak hour pricing on tolls and that fully laden trucks are charged the full rate of toll and those are not fully loaded are charged less than the full toll.

Recommendation 3

That container gross weights along with others marginally increase for operators to 44.5 tonne together with one tonne on the drive and one tonne on the tri-carriers.

We would suggest if this reform came about we could recommend that any vehicle that exceeded 44.50 tonne would be directed to a Container Freight Station to be unpacked. No ifs or butts if the loads exceed the legal weight limitations, importers will have to pay the additional costs if these weights are exceeded.

Recommendation 4

NSW Future Transport 2056 should inquire and action the introduction of the full suite of safety benefits from imported heavy and commercial vehicles.

Recommendation 5

NSW future transport 2056 should move NSW to a modern road network.

Recommendation 6

Future transport 2056 should commit to the staged introduction of a gazetted, modern, high productivity vehicle road network.

Recommendation 7

Future transport 2056 should seek independent regulation of toll road and landside port charges to ensure the cost effectiveness and equity for our operators, and also Australian consumers.

Join now to have a voice on what matters to your business!

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RFNSW Container Sub-Committee 9 May 2018

The next meeting of the RFNSW Container Meeting is scheduled for 9 May 2018 at Marrickville Golf Club from 2-4pm with sandwiches provided

Agenda will be:

  • An update on matters from the Port
  • Carrier Access Agreement discussions
  • Infrastructure surcharges
  • Container Weights on road
  • WiMs
  • RMS Compliance actions
  • RFNSW submissions
  • And anything else members would like to put on the agenda

Please email to RSVP

Free briefing covering workplace relations issues for the Road Transport Sector – 25 May 2018

Road Freight NSW members are invited to a free Ai Group briefing covering workplace relations developments of relevance to employers in the Road Transport and Logistics sector.

Topics covered will include:

  • An update on the FWC's review of the Road Transport Awards
  • An overview of anticipated changes to award clauses dealing with
    • Casual and part-time employment
    • The use of annual salaries to pay employees covered by the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010
    • Arrangements for when wages will be paid
    • New award entitlements relating to domestic violence leave and now requirements relating to the provision of 'family friendly work arrangements to employees;
  • Enterprise bargaining and wage outcomes for the sector and associated developments
  • Key legislative developments and other major issues of relevance to the sector

Location: Ai Group's office at 51 Walker St North Sydney

Time & Date: 8.30am to 10am on Friday, 25 May 2018 (registration from 8.15am).

RSVP: Members wishing to attending must RSVP by email Cissy Fang at the Ai Group via Please provide details of the name of the Company and the number of attendees. Members should RSVP as soon as possible to secure a seat.

Best regards

Simon O'Hara

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