Media Release: Sydney, Australia. 25 February, 2019.


Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) believes the controversial road law requiring drivers to slow down to 40 km/h around stationary emergency vehicles is 'doing more harm than good' and is calling on the State Government to scrap the trial.

RFNSW Chief Executive, Simon O'Hara, said its members had expressed concerns that the 'go slow' rule is posing serious risk to both truck drivers and light-vehicle drivers, particularly on major arterial roads with 100km/h speed limits

"Our number one priority is always focused on road safety, but this rule is causing real problems for our heavy vehicle drivers," Mr O'Hara said today.

"Forcing a fully-laden truck to hit the brakes and slow down to 40 km/h, regardless of the speed limit, is not only totally impractical but incredibly dangerous.

"RFNSW will always support policies which aim to better protect our brave first-responders, but we're now increasingly concerned that the 'go slow' rule could be doing more harm than good, putting their safety and the safety of truckies and light-vehicle drivers all at risk.

"What's apparent is that the rule doesn't factor in the differences between heavy and light vehicles. It would be a perverse outcome if we had a situation where a heavy vehicle was involved in an accident as a result of a light vehicle slowing down quickly to 40km/h, when a truck can't.

"Our members adhere to safety regulations when they're out on the roads, but the Government must ensure this rule is equally applied in circumstances where one size simply doesn't fit all."

Mr O'Hara said RFNSW has joined the Police Association of NSW and the NRMA in questioning the rule.

"RFNSW is calling on the Government to scrap the current 12-month trial and engage with all stakeholders to come up with a common-sense solution that will protect all road users passing stationary emergency vehicles on our roads."


Road Freight NSW began as the Road Transport Association in 1893. The organisation has developed to become a respected advocate for trucking operators, as a conduit to government, regulators and enforcement agencies. In 2015 the new name, Road Freight NSW, articulates our independent and authoritative viewpoint thanks to our respected executive leadership and the passion and expertise of members contributing to the Policy Council.

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