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Dangerous Goods Movement Study

Following the Dangerous Goods Industry Workshop, held 30 July 2018, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has been working to undertake a dangerous goods (DG) movement study that will help to address the concerns identified in that workshop.

A major issue identified at the workshop was the urgent need to identify and protect current/existing DG routes in metro Sydney, including:

  • Ensuring appropriate and adequate ‘first and last mile’ access through local government roads
  • Actions to ensure continued safe access through an increasingly congested road network that is being adversely affected by massive basin-wide redevelopment and urban consolidation, and local government efforts to ‘suburbanise’ previous light industrial/commercial sites and precincts.

To do this TfNSW is engaging a consultant to undertake a Dangerous Goods Movements Study consisting of three components:

  • Given the complex and dynamic nature of DG movements, to develop a functional process (methodology) for categorising and identifying DG road movements (i.e. as the basis for identifying current DG movements). Which will then be trialled in a cooperative project with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) using telematics data in cooperation with a sample group of industry participants, in cooperation with Road Freight NSW. Data used in this trial will be strictly managed by TCA to ensure that the data is anonymised and aggregated to ensure commercial confidentiality and that individual operator movements are not able to be identified.
  • Support for Austroads Project ART6122, which is developing a national standardised DG risk assessment methodology for the movement of DG, by conducting a case study of the movement of DG in and around Tugun Tunnel in northern NSW - the Tugun Case Study (TCS).
  • To determine the current DG road network in NSW generally, with a priority emphasis on the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA), with the roads making up the network to be identified using the methodology identified and trialled through Phase 1.

As such, TfNSW working with TCA, in cooperation with Road Freight NSW, inseeking to obtain a sample of industry participantsto help identify the movement of dangerous goods vehicle movements throughout the Sydney GMA. An initial focus of this work will be to identify the major transport routes for liquid fuel movement from the major fuel distribution terminals at Port Botany, Viva Energy Silverwater, and the Exon-Mobile and Caltex Terminals at Silverwater.

TCA will be responsible for:

  • Setting out what data sets are required (as not all data collected through a telematics system is required for this activity)
  • The collection, aggregation and anonymisation of those data sets from the sample group of industry participants
  • The production ofdraft network ‘heat maps’ – based on the telematics data sets obtained from the sample group of industry participants – which are expected to provide an insight on the volume of vehicle movements(from the sample group) throughout the Sydney GMA.


TCA and TfNSWgive a clear undertaking that all data will be aggregated and anonymised to ensure commercial confidentiality, which will not, in any way, enable the subsequent identification of individual vehicles, or even the company ownership of vehicles.

TCA will be responsible for obtaining consent from participating transport operators, as well providing full details to each participation on the collection, use, security and disposal of the data sets collected for this activity.

Please contact Simon O'Hara on 0400188815 or to discuss how we can improve the movement of dangerous goods in Sydney!

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