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The Road Freight NSW 2019 Conference records the day that the industry came together in NSW and listened to the latest news and caught up with friends and colleagues that make this industry such a passionate and vibrant community. Take a look....

TWU Application to vary the Transport Industry - General Carriers Contract Determination 2017 & invitation to industry briefing

TWU Application to vary the Transport Industry - General Carriers Contract Determination 2017 & invitation to industry briefing

The variation application seeks four changes:

  • The addition of rates payable for vehicles of carrying capacity of less than 2 tonnes
  • The addition of provisions which will require Principal Contractors to reimburse carriers for tolls incurred in performing the work
  • The insertion of a reminder that the Transport industry – Redundancy (State) Contract Determination may apply
  • The insertion of a reminder that the Transport industry – Mutual Responsibility for Road Safety (State) Contract Determination applies.

Two tonne Rates

The Determination has for some time not included rates of remuneration for vehicles whose carrying capacity is less than two tonnes. Past advocacy has managed to maintain this position principally because of the overlap with vehicles regulated by the Transport industry – Courier and Taxi Truck Contract Determination and because of practical difficulties with establishing cost models for such vehicles.

The rates sought to be introduced are $45.57 per hour and $0.25 per kilometre (for vehicles less than 6 years old) and $42.07 per hour and $0.28 per kilometre (for vehicles greater than 6 years old). The TWU is yet to disclose how such rates have been calculated.


Currently the GCCD is silent as to the reimbursement of tolls. The TWU variation seeks to ensure carriers are reimbursed for “the amount of any toll or charge” where:

  • The carrier is required by the Principal to travel on a tollway, or
  • Where the shortest practicable route involves the use of a tollway.

There is an existing obligation for carriers to take the shortest practicable route in the absence of a direction from the Principal to take a particular route.

Other Determinations

The variation does not seek to expand the reach of these Determinations, but rather cross reference them within the text of the GCCD.

Next steps

Many Principal Carriers are rightly concerned at the variation application. In particular, the introduction of less than two tonne rates has implications on operations which compete or overlap with courier operations. Further, the introduction of a clause adding the costs of tolls will affect existing payment arrangements which have already factored in such costs.

Invitation to attend RFNSW Industry Breakfast meeting – 5 November

Road Freight NSW members concerned about the proposed changes are invited to attend a meeting with the David Bray and Brent Ferguson at the Ai Group at 9am on the 5th of November to discuss the TWU’s application.

Address & Registration

The meeting will be at Ai Group’s Western Sydney office at Level 2, 100 George St Parramatta.

Members wishing to attend should email and provide the names and number of attendees wishing to participate.

Further questions

Should you have any further questions please contact or 9466 5531.

RFNSW in Wagga Wagga on 27 November 2019 for the Heavy Vehicle Forum

RFNSW is travelling to Wagga Wagga for this meeting along with the RMS and the NHVR to engage over breakfast and the morning with the local transport industry.

Stay tuned for more details.

Melrose Park Public School

Students honk the horn for truck safety…

RFNSW had a very successful day with the school children at Melrose Park Public School on Wednesday last.

I think one of the best jobs I have ever had with RFNSW is handing school kids show bags. The school kids were able to engage with RFNSW around safety and the trucking industry. Many had fun with the PAYCE dump truck, the new Volvo truck, Formula Chemicals truck, NSW Police, TAFE simulator and a smart looking jaguar.

UTS/RFNSW Business Breakfast

On Thursday last week we held a business breakfast to thank our members and partners for conference and to hear from Teletrac Navman, Leigh Smart, UTS, TfNSW and TCA about what they are doing. Ray from UTS provided a great update on what UTS is delivering for their customers in the Telematics space.

Shannon Kyle from Teletrac Navman as always excelled at making complex detail understandable for our guests.

Our guests eat well on the morning and enjoyed themselves! We appreciated their support.

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